Friday, February 09, 2007

Yahoo! Pipes

Yahoo has released their new Web 2.0 style RSS mashup tool, called Pipes on Wednesday.It's pretty enjoyable to look at: drag around various boxes and hook them together with 'pipes'. The boxes rip data from around the web ( from anywhere you choose) and process it, spitting out an RSS feed at the other end.This mashup tool gets you RSS feeds of 'anything' that you are interested in right on your desktop.Some authors also call it as 'RSS Remixer'.

'Pipes' recieved an unexpectedly warm and huge welcome as we can see in the words of Yahoo! team.This was their (Yahoo team's) response to WebPro news :
“Wow! We were hoping to have a low key release of Pipes, and we’ve gotten more attention than we could have ever dreamed. Thanks to Tim O’Reilly who called it a “milestone in the history of the internet” but our goal was really just to get developers to test it, play with it, and give us feedback. Now, we need to take the site down to increase capacity. Our pipes, are, so to speak, clogged.”
Find more information on this topic at WebPro News.

The pipes site is down due to excited webmasters rushed to get their own Yahoo! pipe.It says "Our Pipes are clogged! We've called the plumbers!"
At 7:20 Pacific time on Thursday, Yahoo blogger Jeremy Zawodny updated his blog on Pipes."Pipes is currently down. There's a lot of interest, so things are getting tweaked on the backend. I'll post more when we have an update."

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