Saturday, February 10, 2007

Google Webmaster Central

Google webmaster central is a great place to hang out.After Google developed its Webmaster Tools , the webmaster central has turned out to be a heaven for webmasters.This was in response to the dismissal of 'site:' command.Webmaster central provides information about your visitors,where they are coming from,which sites link to your pages,what are the outgoing links from your site,traffic statistics etc and much more.These surely help you a lot in improving your site's performance.A brief outline of some services available at Google webmaster central.

  • The Site status tool shows whether your site is indexed by Google or not.
  • The Site map helps you to present more information about your site pages to Google.
  • Google base is a newly launched tool which has a lot of interesting stuff in it for Googlers.You can submit your content on the topic of your choice from this place.
  • The Webmaster central blog informs you about the latest updates and developments in Google webmaster tools.
  • The Google's discussion group for webmasters to talk about and share your feed backs with Google.

All these services are available at this page.Use them in your own way.

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