Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Alamak- The cool web based chat

This is the front page of Alamak chat. You don't have to register or download, just select a nick name and a room and start chatting. The site is popular for its easy availability and user friendly nature.

There are a few commands you need to know to be able to enjoy the chat at alamak. For example the /who command that shows the total number of people in a room and the /whoall command that shows the total number of people in the server. This is a sample of how the chat looks when you use the command /who.

This is a sample page of how the main screen of the chat at India room (I chat at India room) actually looks. Another speacial feature of this chat is its cool icons. To be able to use the icons, you should signup as an Operator or you should be given a 'grant' by an operator to use icons. By becoming an Operator, you will get number of privileges like kicking and banning bad users, clearing objectionable messages posted in the chat and much more. This is a really good place to chat from offices and work places where messengers, orkut, myspace and facebook etc are blocked. So login and have a nice chat.

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