Sunday, June 07, 2009

ViTaDiN- Browser based chat site is a new Browser based chat site which resembles Alamak with some additional features. It has a lot of new cool commands which operators will enjoy. This is a good place to chat for those who want to chat from work places but can not use Orkut, Facebook or IMs. Operator Account is free right now but Later they will be charging some amount from the operators.
Soon after you login, click on 'NewAccount' link u see below and register your nick. Leave the Promotion code empty and give nick 'Aries' in the referer box. Hope you enjoy your time chatting at

Monday, October 06, 2008

3D Search

ExitReality is a cool site where you can search the web in 3 dimensions. It also provides 3D chat, avtars, social networks and 3D virtual worlds etc. You have to download the ExitReality client and install it on your computer. The drawback is, its quite slow. It was ok on a 512 MB RAM and worked well on 1GB RAM. But its free and its fun. Try it at ExitReality

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Careeb Blog started

Careeb has started its Official Blog on 26th september, 2008. It gives detailed explanation of how Careeb is different from other social networking sites. The Blog is named 'Push The Envelope. It gives a brief introduction to the 4 membered team f Careeb, its aims and objectives. "Every morning we come to work to realize a dream - to build something remarkable." says Mr.Naveed, the founder of Careeb. You can see the press release of Careeb at indiaprwire.

Careeb team: These are 4 simple looking guys with a dream, determination but they are experts in their respective fields. Cheers to this budding networking revolution.

You can know more about Careeb at its official blog directly. The blog is enjoyable to go through because of the col colors and self explanatory charts.

If you want to get an account at Careeb, I can help you. Mail me your email address here and I will send you the invitation to Careeb. You can not get into Careeb directly unless someone sends an invitation from within. This is to ensure genuine network of friends.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Alamak- The cool web based chat

This is the front page of Alamak chat. You don't have to register or download, just select a nick name and a room and start chatting. The site is popular for its easy availability and user friendly nature.

There are a few commands you need to know to be able to enjoy the chat at alamak. For example the /who command that shows the total number of people in a room and the /whoall command that shows the total number of people in the server. This is a sample of how the chat looks when you use the command /who.

This is a sample page of how the main screen of the chat at India room (I chat at India room) actually looks. Another speacial feature of this chat is its cool icons. To be able to use the icons, you should signup as an Operator or you should be given a 'grant' by an operator to use icons. By becoming an Operator, you will get number of privileges like kicking and banning bad users, clearing objectionable messages posted in the chat and much more. This is a really good place to chat from offices and work places where messengers, orkut, myspace and facebook etc are blocked. So login and have a nice chat.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pro-Tibet supporters targetted by Malware

Internet users downloading pro-Tibet content are being targeted by cybercriminals for the second time in a fortnight.

The latest attack consists of a key-logging application which uses a rootkit to hide itself on users' Windows PCs. According to researchers at IT security vendor MacAfee.

he malware appears to be sending users' keystrokes to a computer in China.

The malware is hidden in a Flash animation that pokes fun at a Chinese Olympic competitor. But as users play the clip, the Trojan downloads the rootkit and keylogging software to their PCs. The malware is being distributed as an email, RaceForTibet.exe, McAfee found.

It is the second such attack in just a few days. Last week, hackers placed the "Fribet" Trojan on a number of pro-Tibet websites. That exploited a vulnerability in Windows.

According to Dave Marcus, security research and communications manager at McAfee's Avert Labs, the attacks are part of a wider trend for cybercriminals to exploit interest in the Olympics and other current affairs events to distribute malware.

Businesses should warn their computer users about the risks of downloading media files or playing media files contained in unsolicited emails, cautioned Bill Nagel, security researcher at industry analysts Forrester.

Most business-grade anti-virus applications will have been updated to detect the Trojans, he said, and company systems should block users from downloading attachments containing executable code, or .exe files.

"If not, attacks of this kind can be a problem, mostly because rootkits are so difficult to remove," he said.

"Businesses might even have to re-image their computers' hard drives to get rid of the rootkit. Media files have become a very popular way of distributing malware. We had the [Anna] Kournikova Trojan a few years ago... the malware authors try to make their content as attractive as possible. Anything to do with the Olympics is going to reach a wide audience."

IT departments should remind users to be watch out for downloads with executable files attached, he added.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

KeepVid is the right place to download Videos from popular video sharing sites like Youtube, Google, iFilm, MySpace etc. All you have to do is give the link of the video and select the site from the top down list provided by this site and click 'download'. It gives you a download link, clicking on which, your download will start. Easy and simple way of downloading online videos. You can also convert .flv files to wmv and avi files at this site. If you are using Firefox, download the RealPlayer plugin for firefox which allows you to download online videos just with a single click. So say goodbye to the headache of downloading and installing softwares to download online videos.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

DoctorsHangout is a Social networking site especially for doctors. Its really good place for doctors to hangout. You can view all latest activities of the members like who commented whom and who joined what community right from the entrance of he site which makes the site lively. The site is technically advanced and is highly user friendly and easy to use. You can add RSS from various sites in the groups you create and also in your main entrance page. Dont forget to have a look at my page after you join the network.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Free Web Hosting

I found a wonderful place for building a free website for people who have no knowledge of website building.

It has cool web albums, handy blogs, Fun stuff (containing games and widgets), Guest book and you can also put up your other sites on the nav bar of the site. It gives 0.5GB of bandwidth and 40MB of free storage space. You can find new friends, participate in discussions, chat and lots more to do. Visit My Webpage

Monday, November 05, 2007

Solution for Error 678- Fix it

According to Microsoft, error 678 mostly occurs in Windows XP service pack 2 users. The cause is very vague and almost unknown. Some say its because of faulty modem-computer interaction, some say its due to pure computer problem. I use BSNL DataOne broadband service as it is one of the most trusted broadband providers in India. It is very fast and reliable. But, few days back, I started getting 'error 678' and I could not login. The error message says "Error 678: The remote computer did not respond". I called to almost all the related officials at BSNL broadband office. Even they responded well and did everything they could to help me out. But no one actually knew what the problem was.

They had my computer, modem, username and password checked. My modem worked well- It connects to the internet with other accounts. My computer was in perfect condition too. My computer connected to the net with other Internet service providers on the same modem. It became almost impossible to figure out what the reason for this error was. Assistant engineers at the BSNL office were assisting me to get the connection back. But in vain. At last, a senior Engineer suggested doubtfully to change the port and check again. So the Assistant engineer who was working on this at the BSNL exchange, shifted the port and my account connected fantastically. I brought the modem back and connected to my computer and logged o with my username and password and it connected very well.
So the etiology for this problem is unknown but the solution is to change the port. So, if you tried all possible solutions which Microsoft suggested to fix Error 678 and if none of them worked then ask your service providers to change the port.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Techtribe is a social networking place for techies. Its a San Fransisco based company whose objective is to connect various IT companies in the world on a common platform where they can share their innovative ideas. On september 14, Rohit Agarwal, the CEO of Techtribe met Kiran Karnik, the President of NASSCOM. On this occassion, Mr.Rohit Agarwal said "All big companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Sun developed when diverse people got together to share ideas. So techTribe believes in connecting rather than competing."

The company would also award Rs 10 lakh each month to an innovative idea collaboratively developed by professionals using the techTribe platform. Mr.Kiran Karnik also had few words of which this statement attracted everyone "Innovation thrives best in diversity. So, when people thinking differently come together would create a platform for ideas to germinate". He strongly believed that lack of mentoring, networking and lack of finances prevented talented Indians from innovations. Techtribe claims to be the right step in encouraging innovative IT professionals.
Apart from creating and joining Tribes (communities), one can write blogs and articles, find answers to their doubts in 'Answers' section and search for jobs.

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