Monday, November 05, 2007

Solution for Error 678- Fix it

According to Microsoft, error 678 mostly occurs in Windows XP service pack 2 users. The cause is very vague and almost unknown. Some say its because of faulty modem-computer interaction, some say its due to pure computer problem. I use BSNL DataOne broadband service as it is one of the most trusted broadband providers in India. It is very fast and reliable. But, few days back, I started getting 'error 678' and I could not login. The error message says "Error 678: The remote computer did not respond". I called to almost all the related officials at BSNL broadband office. Even they responded well and did everything they could to help me out. But no one actually knew what the problem was.

They had my computer, modem, username and password checked. My modem worked well- It connects to the internet with other accounts. My computer was in perfect condition too. My computer connected to the net with other Internet service providers on the same modem. It became almost impossible to figure out what the reason for this error was. Assistant engineers at the BSNL office were assisting me to get the connection back. But in vain. At last, a senior Engineer suggested doubtfully to change the port and check again. So the Assistant engineer who was working on this at the BSNL exchange, shifted the port and my account connected fantastically. I brought the modem back and connected to my computer and logged o with my username and password and it connected very well.
So the etiology for this problem is unknown but the solution is to change the port. So, if you tried all possible solutions which Microsoft suggested to fix Error 678 and if none of them worked then ask your service providers to change the port.


Anonymous said...


Can you pls give more detail on the port change by the ISP? What is meant by changing the port and how it would be done?

Dr. Ahmed said...

Just consult ur ISP and aks him to change the port of ur network connection. Its not related to software stuff. They unplug a jack and put it into a new socket... thats how they change the port. Talk to ur ISP and he will know. All this is for broadband only.

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