Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Techtribe is a social networking place for techies. Its a San Fransisco based company whose objective is to connect various IT companies in the world on a common platform where they can share their innovative ideas. On september 14, Rohit Agarwal, the CEO of Techtribe met Kiran Karnik, the President of NASSCOM. On this occassion, Mr.Rohit Agarwal said "All big companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Sun developed when diverse people got together to share ideas. So techTribe believes in connecting rather than competing."

The company would also award Rs 10 lakh each month to an innovative idea collaboratively developed by professionals using the techTribe platform. Mr.Kiran Karnik also had few words of which this statement attracted everyone "Innovation thrives best in diversity. So, when people thinking differently come together would create a platform for ideas to germinate". He strongly believed that lack of mentoring, networking and lack of finances prevented talented Indians from innovations. Techtribe claims to be the right step in encouraging innovative IT professionals.
Apart from creating and joining Tribes (communities), one can write blogs and articles, find answers to their doubts in 'Answers' section and search for jobs.

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