Friday, October 26, 2007


Careeb is a new extremely advanced and secure Social networking site I have ever seen. Careeb pronounced as 'Ka reeb' (Hindi करीब) is a social networking site created by an Indian young entrepreneur from Hyderabad named Naveed. Careeb is a web based platform that helps users build separate networks for friends, family and co-workers, ensuring them privacy and social security across your networks.
Careeb is an Urdu word which means 'getting close' or 'getting together'.

Special Features of Careeb:
1. Your friends are divided into groups namely Family, School friends, College friends, Grad School friends, Just Friends and Careeb friends.
2. You can 'Hide' one group from another. This means, you can hide your friends in one group from the friends in another group.
3. You can decide who can view your profile and who can not.
4. Your profile display picture can not be saved or downloaded by others which gives lot of security to the users.
5. You can fully enjoy taking complete control of your Album at Careeb. One can decide which photo others can save and which are not (save of photos in your album is disabled for others).
6. People who are not your friends can not view your message board nor they can send you nuisance messages.
7. Specialty of Careeb is that you have an option to make your pictures sharable to world wide web.

How to get a Careeb account?
Its very simple. You need to be invited form someone from within. This is to ensure reliable and genuine networking platform for its users.

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