Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dont Cross 15!!

Never send more than 15 messages at MyBlogLog or else you will land yourself in an extremely embarrassing situation. This is the 'decent' message which you would be facing in case you cross the limit of 15- Message:* Now just slow down there, rock star! It appears you've become a bit overzealous with your messaging. Remember, you are only allowed to send 15 messages per day. No sweat though, you can start sending messages again tomorrow.

Go on, get some fresh air, enjoy the great outdoors!

To my surprise and horror I found this extremely uneasy and unconfortable message from MyBlogLog server. This does not suit a site like MyBloglog to act so irresponsibly.

1 comment:

Jaffer said...

I had no idea about the 15 messages limit !
I guess I am not sending enough messages !

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