Saturday, October 27, 2007


Cool colors and handy descriptions make Careeb a product worth to hang in. Careeb is in beta stage. Apart from its album's cutting edge technological features, lots of features like chats, user communities and video sharing are yet on their way. Brief descriptions of Careeb features are found all over the site which help in taking full advantage of its features to an average internet user.
What makes Careeb different and special from other social networking sites like Orkut and Facebook the privacy and security it provides to the users. You can share and 'hide' whatever you want and with whom ever you want. You can even hide one set of friends from another set and restrict unwanted users to message you or gain access to your profile. This is a class and decent social networking site.
Here is a video clip showing how to invite friends at Careeb.
I will keep checking the latest developments at Careeb and keep updating this blog time. Those who desire an account at Careeb can send a mail at to get a Careeb Invitation.

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