Thursday, February 15, 2007

Vodafone adds Google Maps

Vodafone has joined hands with Google to develop and provide 'Maps' to their clients.These maps have the potential to gain huge revenue if local ads are placed along with the results.These maps are not only going to be popular but also addictive because people would use them to locate famous shopping malls, holiday spots, medical shop, book stalls etc through these maps.In some places like Japan, people use their mobiles to organise important business trnasactions and meetings through these mobile search locators.Google maps on mobiles have a large revenue erning potential if Google Ads are Indexed beside the maps.

Yahoo has already introduced advertising on its mobile-specific Web sites display advertising on its mobile-specific Web sites in 19 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The move, which follows a year of aggressive expansion in the wireless space, marks Yahoo's first formal rollout of graphical ads on its sites around the world.

Recent Microsoft mobile 6.0, then Google's and Yahoo! 's interest in mobile industry shows that Internet is no more pertained to computers and to those who are computer professionals.

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