Monday, February 05, 2007

HinKhoj - Hindi Search Engine

A Hindi (Indian national language) search engine has been launched by a software engineer from the prestigious IIT (Indian Institute of Technology).This site is entirely hindi based.Unlike other Indian search engines,hinkhoj is completely based on hindi literature.Its a good news for people who blog or wish to blog in hindi and of course for hindi lovers.HinKhoj is now in its beta phase.
This button Search in Hindi carries the link to

Now Hinkhoj also provides a Hindi-English dictionary. You can toggle between hindi and english languages by pressing F12 key. This dictionary is very interesting as it also provides the user wtih goole search results of the inquired word.
Though Indian people on the net mostly deal with english on the net (unlike Chinese people) , lets hope that Hinkhoj makes its mark just like Baidu.

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