Sunday, February 04, 2007

Google personalised search

When we create an account at Google accounts,we see the following statement below the re-enter password box saying
"Creating a Google Account will enable Search History. Search History is a feature that will provide you with a more personalized experience on Google that includes more relevant search results and recommendations. Learn More "

This is a great service but at the cost of your privacy.Google stores your search history and data along with your Name,account details.If you don't mind your search history being stored,you will find this a wonderful service.But if you think the other way,you would feel that Google is being unfair.Google has a solution for this problem too.Go to This page and click on "Pause Settings".This option will stop Google from recording your search history unless and until you change the option to 'Resume settings'.
Also while signing up at Google accounts, don't forget to 'uncheck' the Enable 'Search History' box if you don't want your search history to be recorded.

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