Sunday, February 04, 2007

When did Google last visit my site?

To know when Google last visited your site and what all information Google has stored up about your site pages, just follow these steps

  • Go to main page
  • Enter info:your site (don't type www or http://)
  • Click search and Google will show you what all information it has got regarding your site.
  • Click on 'Google's Cache' , it will show you the Google's snap shot of your site and when did Google visited your site the last time.
  • Other information you can find - Pages that link to your site,Pages that are similar to your site,web pages from your site,sites which contain your site's URL.

By this,you can know how often Google search engine has indexed your site.If Google visited your page recently and frequently,it means that Google search engine finds your site friendly enough.If Google has not crawled up your site for quite a long time, then try to improve your link popularity,introduce your site to like minded people and increase the visibility of your site in social networking places.

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