Saturday, February 10, 2007

Google - Expanding Gmail

Google has made its Gmail e-mail service more widely available. The company has now removed the 'invitation only' restrictions on its Gmail service in several regions including European countries, Middle East, Africa and Brazil.

The service has been already open to all in several other parts of the world, including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Egypt since quite some time.
Google also said that the restrictions (invitations) would be removed in other markets pretty soon.

Though Gmail is far behind Yahoo! and MSN in e-mail services,Gmail has its own fans (most of them are Google search fans or Blogger fans) Gmail has to improve a lot to be able to compete with Yahoo! and MSN in e-mail service market.One of the main accusation is that Gmail is that user privacy is at stake because of Gmail.This is mainly attributed to the fact that Gmail scans all the mails to be able to put up relevant Ads beside the mail.But Google's says that 'The Ad program is to enhance the services' they provide to the users.And that they 'take user privacy very seriously'

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