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Jetbrowse : is a new software launched in India by Vivek Gupta,owner of 'Enhansol' company that owns and markets 'jetbrowse'.It has been a success so far.It has no online money transfer facility as for now,yet it has made thousands of subscribers.Soon Enhansol is about to release an antivirus software.Jetbrowse is an easy option for Indians.For more details about jetbrowse please contact
How it works :
Unlike some alternative solutions, jetbrowse's compression algorithm increases speed with only minimal change in the quality of the images. And this software has proven more reliable.
What's more, acceleration isn't the only benefit - JetBrowse's products also enhance the user's experience in several other ways.
More and more dial-up users are coming to expect this enhanced level of performance. Its service has been enthusiastically accepted on a prepaid subscription basis by hundreds of thousands of customers. And its service has been acclaimed by industry authorities such as the New York Times and PC World.
JetBrowse Accelerator is recommended to dial up, ISDN, wireless and DSL Internet with line speed up to 384kbps.

The JetBrowse web Accelerator utilizes the client-server approach to achieve up to 6x acceleration ratios for web content and email. JetBrowse Acceleration Server compresses web pages, images, animations, documents and HTTP headers, applying a vast array of mostly proprietary compression algorithms. Each data type is compressed using the compression scheme, optimal for this data type. For example, HTML pages can be compressed to less than 2% of the original size. This is 50:1 compression ratio. Already compressed JPEG and GIF images can be further compressed by up to 12x !

JetBrowse Accelerator is the only product that accelerates FTP downloads and NNTP, as well as web browsing (HTTP) and email (POP3, SMTP, IMAP).

Find detailed discription about how actually this software works.
Wath the video
View the slideshow explaining JetBrowse.

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Where can we download Jetbrowse?

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