Saturday, January 27, 2007

Baidu - Google of China

Google is the top search engine world wide, except in China.It derives its name from an old Chinese poem by Song Dynasty.In Chinese,Baidu means 'hundreds of times'.The name is apt for a search engine because people use it again and again i.e hundreds of times.
This is yet another example which explains the importance of estimating the market.Google is facing serious problems in China.

  • First , Chinese language is too complex and the local company, Baidu naturally knows its people better than Google.Moreover people of China consider Google as a foreign search engine.People use Google and Yahoo only for foreign information.Revenue in China's search-engine market topped $53 million in the third quarter of 2006,Baidu's share was $30 million, exceeded the combined revenues of Google and Yahoo in China.
  • Second problem Google has got is with the heavy government censorship in China.
  • Thirdly,the delayed arrival of Google (or early success of Baidu) in China is also being considered as one of the reasons for the failure of Google in China.

Another similar example is the severe competition Honda and Yamaha are facing with Home based two wheeler company,Bajaj.In spite of superior equipment and latest technology, giants like Google,Honda,Yamaha are thriving to survive in these regions.This shows the importance of market estimation and marketing strategies in the success of a product or company.

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