Monday, January 22, 2007

Go Ping your Blog

Each time a new post is posted in your blog,it is automatically pinged to various Blog ping servers (like weblogs,technorati etc).This lets the blogosphere know that there is some new content in your blog.This refreshes your blog in the internet and lets people know about the new information in your blog.Most of the 'ping servers' allow automatic pinging to them just by placing a html code or java script in our template html.

We can also ping the blogs mannually.Most of the servers ask for the blog URL and the site feed URL .If you have no idea what your blog feed URL is, get your blogs' feed URL from you are ready to ping your blog.

There are few sites which let you ping your site to various ping servers at at time.
Following are a few sites which provide you with various ping servers at a place -

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