Thursday, January 11, 2007

Earning through Internet - Simple and Easy?

Ofcourse not.
There are many websites which say 'Earn 2000$ in two weeks,just spend 30 mins hours a day'.
Thats not true.To reach that state,one has to work hard,sharpen his talents and update himself with creative ways regularly.
Nothing can be achieved without hard work.Someone might be earning 2000$ per week or in two weeks.But we never try to look at his/her struggle before he/she got there,nor he/she tells us.
Like I read in Divya's Blog,for me,every site appears to be forcing me(to view,comment,sign up their sites) or trying to make a fool of me.
Infact most of the sites earn by fooling us.They either rob our money or time which is more precious.

I think the secret of SEO and increasing the site popularity is selfless give aways,helping and informing the readers,sharing our secrets without expecting anyting in return.
I think the secret of internet marketing lies in providing the readers whatever we have got in the best way we can.

1)Select a good time in a day when you can find liesure, when you think you can be more creative and start writing.Most of the Internet marketing gurus say that Writing and Informing continously of whatever you know helps in increasing our ranks at Google and other search engines.

2)Try to interact with the people on the internet.Dont just get mechanical but try to be friendly.Forget about the number of visitors,page rank,SEO,Google page rank etc while leaving a comment at another site.Select a topic which you are feeling to read at the moment.Leave a live and sensible comment.

3)Show your expertise and critical thinking.Dont get too selfish and dry.At the same time dont forget to leave a scent of professionalism in your words.

4)Unleash your creativity and be yourself.Dont get carried away with the author or with the comments of other readers.Mark your own style.

5)Be regular visitors to good sites which host lots of comments (like techchurch,google answers,yahoo answers,youtube videos,technorati etc).Being regular is very important.This marks your presence and earns you a recognition.
After being recognised at a place,slowly expand yourself without losing touch with older readers.
Try to forget about getting visitors to your site,increasing your page popularity etc all the way.These things give a selfish look to your modest and honest articles and comments.So try to avoid them in your brain while you are at other people's sites.

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