Friday, January 26, 2007

Profile-Social Networking-SEO

Does profile info has anything to do with number of visitors to a site? Surely it has a lot to do.An attractive profile info and a good landing page of the site play very important role in attracting visitors.

This is the reason for the success of MyBlogLog,Orkut and myspace which give lot of importance to profile.MyBlogLog is the talk of the day and is working fantastic.It more or less appears like combination of Orkut and technorati.It allows viewers know who are the recent readers of the site.when they click the pic,it lands into his profile at mybloglog from where readers can enter his website thus making it completely viral networking.Even Blogger 'strongly recommends' to allow readers to view your profile.

The display pic and few poinst about yourself give the reader a sense that these posts are from a human and that you are just like anyother human being.First impression is very important and you can't get the first impression again.A good and decent profile info helps a lot in establishing reader relation with the site.Profile does help you a lot in social networking which can help you in link exchange and SEO.

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