Saturday, August 18, 2007

Browsers other than Explorer

More than 80% of Internet users use Microsoft Internet explorer. This is not entirely because of the good will explorer has among the users. Most of them do no know that there are alternatives to explorer. This fact has been revealed in many studies.
Let’s see some alternatives.

  • FireFox: This is well known as the browser of explorer haters. It took its origin and developed in the open source revolution. It is a strong competitor of Internet explorer. In 1994, Netscape navigator came into origin. It gave a strong competition to Internet explorer. In late 1990s, Internet explorer erased its presence and claimed itself as the leader. But in later years, with the help of open source, Netscape came back as FireFox. From that day, the number of FireFox admirers is growing every year. It has got good name in protection against spamming and fishing. Now its a Google product. It is well known for its privacy and security features. FireFox can be freely downloaded from
  • Apple Safari: Safari created waves in the field of web browsing. All these days, it was used in Macs and apple ipods. Recently Safari version 3 has been introduced into windows. 1. it’s 2 times faster than Internet explorer 7 and 1.6 times faster than FireFox. 2.Snap back- when you have gone too far browsing your way deep and do not actually remember where u started, this will take you back to the place where you started the entire browse. 3. Private browsing- if u chose this option, your browsing history and details will not be stored. You need not clear ‘cache’ addresses if you use this option. You can download Safari browser at
  • Opera: this was created by Telenor in 1994 in Norway. Present version 9 can follow your oral commands. It can also read out the text documents on the computer for you. It can translate the selected text into 12 languages in a click. It shows the live thumbnails of your favorite web pages. It can download large sized multimedia files very easily. It gives efficient protection against viruses. In addition, it allows you to customize your window as you like. Opera can be downloaded from
  • Flock: Flock was designed for the development of web 2.0. it was developed on October 2005 by a group of American developers. It can be downloaded from

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