Friday, December 22, 2006

Adsense Account Disabled - Adsense Alternatives

The number of people whose adsense account is being disabled is growind day by day and most of them do not know what is the exact reason for the rejection of the acount.
It is surely because their sites did not fulfil the Adsense terms and conditions.But the problem is people do not know how exactly their sites are not upto the Adsense terms and conditions.Almost all the time,Google gives the reason - Invalid clicks generated which is a very braod term.Anyway one thing is for sure - most of the accounts can be saved if the publihsers read the entire terms and conditions properly before start adding the Adsense codes to their sites.
Ok you took all measures and without your notice some mistake took place and you lost your account.So what do we do now?Just apply for a new Adsense account and replace the old codes with the codes of new account.Adsense account once disabled can not be regained.

There are other Advertising agencies like the Adsense.The latest and most talked one being - Yahoo Publishing Network.
Other Popular Programs - - Exclusively for Bloggers
clickbooth - For Indians - Go through the Forum to find more alternatives. - An Adsense alternative for Bloggers. - Can be used along with Adsense (NonContextual)
(Still researching on this topic)

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