Wednesday, November 22, 2006

1,2,3 steps of earning through net

Step 1- Do you have a site ? If you do , start reading step 2.If you dont, signup to blogger and creat a blog.Blog acts like a site and its for Free.
Step2- Once you got your site (blog) , you need to signup at google adsense Step3- Post your views and creat a good looking ,Informative blog.Use Adsense to get e-Traffic.e-Traffic is nothing but people who visit your site.For placing its Ads in your site,Google pays you some amount each time some user clicks on those advertisement sites placed in your site.In return,Google charges the sites which got Advertisement through your site.So you earn with literally Zero investment.All you need to do is to stay attentive and alert.
Not to be missed : your site/blog revenue depends on the number of people clicking on the Ads placed on your site.So you need to Increase the number of people coming to your site.To do that, you need to publicise your site.In the earlier post (post below) you can see few sites,tips and tools to increase e-traffic to your site.

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